Fire Scripture: Daniel 1:21


In the promotional and marketing messages of many organizations nowadays, you will often find the word “more” being used by such organizations to assure their customers and stakeholders that they are all out to give them more than the normal or usual benefits. It is a promise to increase the value and profits that stakeholders have enjoyed in the past. It is a promise for a positive change, a more beneficial relationship and a more glorious future.

Why do organizations make this promise and deliver more to their customers and stakeholders? The reason is that they are in a competition. If they don’t, they will lose them to other companies and face the grave consequence of being out of business. The lesson here is that a life of commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is essential for everyone who wants to be the best, occupy the top and experience all-round fulfilment.

In contrast, those who are often complacent and easily satisfied with the minimum standard will hardly achieve much or make great impact in life. There is an anointing for excellence. There is also the anointing that enables you to perform and deliver extraordinarily. That was the anointing upon Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego. The Babylonians found them ten times better than the youngsters in their land.

Beloved, l enjoin you to reject the anointing of complacency and mediocrity. You must pray them out of your life if you want your destiny to rise and shine and your glory to speak. Any negative anointing that keeps people in the valley or tail region must dry up and depart from your life. The power to make more impact and create more value in your service to God and humanity comes from the Holy Spirit, your Helper and Enabler.

You must ask for it and use it. Be determined to offer the best to God in your worship, service to His Kingdom, giving and soul winning. Do more to gain greater intimacy with Him and please Him every day. Give more in service and loyalty to your employer or organization. Go the extra mile and give more values to your customers, who patronize your business. You will not miss your reward!


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