MFM Mountain Top Daily Devotional For February 10, 2022 (Victory Over Satanic Dreams (II))


MFM Devotional For 10th February 2022



MEMORY VERSE: Proverbs 3:24 – “When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shall lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.”

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES: When you live a cold or lukewarm spiritual life, the enemy turns it into his comfort zone.

PROPHETIC WORD FOR TODAY: I cancel every evil verdict upon your life by fire now, in the name of Jesus.

FIRE SCRIPTURE: Matthew 13:24-30


MFM Devotional For 10 February 2022 | Message

What are dreams? Dreams can simply be defined as the unconscious experience that we go through when we are asleep. Dreams can be good or bad. They often carry messages either regarding the dreamer or someone else, or situations around the dreamer

Dreams can be called our spiritual monitor. In the domain of our dreams, both good and evil can occur, depending on what we permit as a result of our spiritual alertness. Decide not to allow evil entities to engage in demonic transactions and activities in your dreams. You must arise and defend your dream territory, in the name of Jesus

Remember the dreams of Joseph in Genesis 37:5-11! Dreams could be interpreted with clear cut messages, and sometimes, with hidden messages that need to be spiritually decoded. Joseph interpreted the dreams of the butler and the baker while in the prison, and it turned out to be exactly as he said (Genesis 40), He eventually interpreted the king’s dreams in Genesis 41, and this brought him into the glorious position that God had prepared for him while his own dreams came into fulfillment after 13 years of travail.

Daniel also interpreted the dream of the king which none of the wise men and astrologers of Babylon could decode. These are biblical references to confirm the truth about dreams. It would therefore be a costly tragedy to ignore your dreams and regard them as worthless, having no impact your life.


The baker had a bad dream, as interpreted by Joseph. He was beheaded by the king. But as a child of God, you shouldn’t allow the devil to sentence you to death or affliction through your dreams. Rather, you have a divine privilege to pray against the antics of the devil and the wicked personalities assigned to perpetrate evil in your life through dreams. I speak destruction upon all evil powers assigned to torment you in the dream, in Jesus’ name.

PRAYER POINTS: MFM Devotional 10 February 2022

1. Every satanic market operating In my life through my dreams, I shut you down, in the name of Jesus.

2. Powers assigned to turn my life upside down, I cast you out of my life, in the name of Jesus.

3. My dream life, receive the fire that the enemy can not rubbish, in the name of Jesus.


4. Fire of God, incubate my dream life, in the name of Jesus

5. Spiritual robbers of glory, my life is not for sale, return what you have stolen from me sevenfold and die, in the name of Jesus.

6. Angels of war from heaven, arise and fight on my behalf against the rage of powers of the night, in the name of Jesus.

7. Holy Ghost, purge and sanitize my life against any demonic pollution, in the name of


BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Exodus 6:13-30, 7-8; Matthew 26:47-68; Psalm 19:7-14

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